Made in Taiwan

Judy Lin was born in Taiwan and moved to Canada when she was eight years old. She grew up with her nose in a book and loved to escape to imaginary worlds. She now divides her time between working as an occupational therapist and creating imaginary worlds of her own. She lives on the Canadian prairies with her husband and daughter.

More About Me

  • I was a #PitchWars 2016 mentee and now a #PitchWars 2019 mentor

  • Taiwanese gung-fu tea

  • Board games

  • Chinese period dramas

Some of my favorite books

  • Wilder Girls, Rory Power

  • Poppy Wars, R.F. Kuang

  • Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, Julie Dao

  • Descendant of the Crane, Joan He

  • Phedre’s trilogy, Jacqueline Carey

  • Not Even Bones, Rebecca Schaeffer

  • American Panda, Gloria Chao

  • Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune, Roselle Lim

  • Anna Dressed in Blood, Kendare Blake

  • Dark Angel Trilogy, Meredith Ann Pierce

  • Stolen, Lucy Christopher

  • Sabriel Trilogy, Garth Nix

  • Crown / Court Duel, Sherwood Smith

  • The Only Alien on the Planet, Kristen D. Randle

  • The Singing Stone, O.R. Melling

  • House of Leaves, Mark D. Danielewski