Website launch!

Thinking back on it, I have to laugh. This project started because I was going back to work after maternity leave and I felt a lot of angst about it. What happened to that year? How did it go by so fast? How did my baby become a toddler? Why did I feel like I was struggling with the idea so much of returning to work? All of that led to a talk with my sister (partner in crime, really) about how sad I was that I haven't written anything. 

She asks me: "why not start writing again?" 

And it stops me in my tracks. Why not start writing again? But reflecting back on it, all of my efforts always felt like I was bashing my head against a brick wall. I always thought of writing as a solitary adventure where you wrestle with the ideas (demons?) in your head, and I was always envious of the writers on twitter that seem to know each other and people with awesome critique partners and I was just...there, writing on my own, too embarrassed to share anything with anyone. 

I told myself though - you know what? Why not build your own community? Why not start small? My challenge to myself was to write every day, and I started a writing group on Facebook (it was called "Spring Forward Writing Challenge" back then, because I started the group on the first day of spring. The challenge officially started April 1st). A couple of people joined, which surprised me, and then I started joining more writing Facebook groups, and then I found a great writing buddy who I message every day to keep motivated. And of course, my sister is right there, cheering me on, and I've managed to convince her to work on a writing project of her own. 

I wasn't perfect at writing every day the first month, but it was a good start, and then soon I felt like I had a rhythm going once I discovered a few techniques that I will discuss on the blog. And then in one month I had the first draft of a novel that I've been trying to write for YEARS. Crazy. 

I'm nervously anticipating the start of July when my challenge officially starts. Here's to new beginnings!