Write Daily Progress Notes: Weekly Update

It's the final week before Pitch Wars starts and my blog after Aug 6 will hopefully return to my usual ramblings about writing again instead of only my progress notes. This week I continue to work fast and furious on my ghost story, but I was sick for part of the week. However, that meant I stayed home from work and I tried to power through my revisions while drinking tons of English Breakfast tea and wiping away the rivers of snot that my body is capable of producing (yes, I'm sure you all wanted to know that). 

07/23/16 - 07/29/16

07/23/16: 4 pomodoros
07/24/16: 2 pomodoros
07/25/16: 5 pomodoros
07/26/16: 3 pomodoros
07/27/16: 7 pomodoros
07/28/16: 3 pomodoros
07/29/16: 6 pomodoros

All in all, a productive week as I am finishing up the last 25% of my book. Onwards and upwards!

Words written this week: 13,848

Total words in WIP: ~52,000

#WordChain: 29 days