Write Daily Progress Notes: Weekly Update

As part of my commitment to writing every day for 1 year, I will also track on the blog my writing progress to document whether this experiment will yield any tangible results. 

It's only been one week, but I feel like a lot of progress has been made on the second draft of my YA ghost story. 

Here are the stats, because I like stats: 

7/1/16 - 7/8/16

# of pomodoros: 20 pomodoros completed in total, about 8:20 writing time. There were some voided pomodoros in there and I did not count time writing here and there. 

Words written: 17.565

Chapters completed: 3.5

Pomodoro log

7/1: 3 pomodoros
7/2: 4 pomodoros
7/3: 4 pomodoros
7/4: 2 pomodoros
7/5: 2 pomodoros
7/6: 2 pomodoros
7/7: 1 pomodoro
7/8: 2 pomodoros

#WriteChain (number of consecutive days I spent writing): 8 days


Resources used

Learn about the pomodoro technique here.
I track my pomodoros using Trello boards and the Pomello app
#WriteChain is a hashtag on twitter and a technique that is part of the Writember workbook


This week I also wrote two blog posts for WriteDaily and 1 blog post for a lifestyle blog I run with my sister. A new idea for a novel blending different storytelling formats similar to House of Leaves came to mind. 

Some upcoming blog posts involve goal setting and an overview of habit formation that is the foundation of my writing habit. I also need to write a blog post reflecting on the origins of my current story.