On taking a break & starting new projects

I've disappeared for the past week as I am trying to regroup and refocus after my mad revisions to complete my novel so that it can be submitted to PitchWars. I'm pleased to say that I've accomplished it! But I don't have any stats compiled yet for how long it took for me to draft and revise, as I'm switching from my laptop to a Surface Pro 4, and also my brain feels like mush lately. 

In the end, NOBODY TOLD US THERE WOULD BE GHOSTS was submitted as a paranormal YA manuscript. It was complete at around 75,000 words. Even typing that out amazes me because - I wrote all those words! I can't believe it! It certainly has the bones of the novel that I outlined, but so much of it is different too. I learned a lot from working on this and I'm satisfied with how I completed it. 

I thought a lot about whether I wanted to continue my #WriteDaily goal in order to continue my #WriteChain, but in the end I decided that I needed a few days away from writing. I have been so intently focused on this project since April/May that I have been super productive, but I've also neglected things like sleep and eating well. After my half marathon in June, my running program has basically come to a halt. 

I know that I need to take care of myself before I can continue to write my next project. I know that I need to balance all aspects of my life in order to be a focused and productive writer. So I have to return to the slow process of getting healthy again. I'm also toying around with and getting excited about a new idea, which makes me happy because I know that I was worried that what if I only have one story in me to write? It's definitely not the case, and now I have a process that I can follow and tweak so that I can write another story. 

With the resources that I own, the community that I'm now part of, the process no longer feels as daunting as it used to. I hope in my next post I will get to share some details about my new project!