This blog I believe will be neglected for a little while for the next two months. That little manuscript I worked furiously on for the past few months? It was picked for PitchWars! After a triumphant little dance around my coffee table, I knew that the work would begin soon. 

The past few days I've been getting over the excitement of becoming a 2016 PitchWars mentee and getting down to seriously looking at my manuscript. I'm breaking it down to its bare bones and then building it up again, layer by layer. There's so much to work on, but I'm glad I took the time even before PitchWars mentees were announced to mentally prepare myself that it is a long road ahead. 

But the PitchWars community is amazing, both the hopefuls group as well as the new mentees group. It's comforting knowing that there are over a hundred other writers going through the same process as me. I have to thank my sister though for being there in the past few months, listening to me angst, speed reading through my draft, so that I can madly revise to get to this point. 

I will resurface some time in November!