Write Daily Progress Notes: Weekly Update

It's the final week before Pitch Wars starts and my blog after Aug 6 will hopefully return to my usual ramblings about writing again instead of only my progress notes. This week I continue to work fast and furious on my ghost story, but I was sick for part of the week. However, that meant I stayed home from work and I tried to power through my revisions while drinking tons of English Breakfast tea and wiping away the rivers of snot that my body is capable of producing (yes, I'm sure you all wanted to know that). 

07/23/16 - 07/29/16

07/23/16: 4 pomodoros
07/24/16: 2 pomodoros
07/25/16: 5 pomodoros
07/26/16: 3 pomodoros
07/27/16: 7 pomodoros
07/28/16: 3 pomodoros
07/29/16: 6 pomodoros

All in all, a productive week as I am finishing up the last 25% of my book. Onwards and upwards!

Words written this week: 13,848

Total words in WIP: ~52,000

#WordChain: 29 days

Write Daily Progress Notes: Weekly Update

I know I say this every week, but WHERE HAS THIS WEEK GONE? Send out a search & rescue team please! Husband worked a lot of late shifts this week so I've been furiously revising my ghost story. I'm afraid I have a sneaking suspicion I won't make it in time to enter it into Pitch Wars, but oh well. It's a deadline to work towards and if I don't make it then I don't make it. At least I will know that I am capable of accomplishing something for a tight deadline!

I'm learning so much about myself and about writing during this process. The writing community on Twitter, even though it's distracting me away from writing, but it's so motivating and encouraging. I've entered some giveaways and won some query / first page critiques, so I have some feedback coming in. Everyone's generosity amazes me. Even though critiques make me nervous and my writing comes back all marked up, the comments are necessary and spot-on. I know I have lots of room for improvement. Thinking back, I've only ever completed 2 novels before this (not including the first draft of this project), and they were all first drafts. I've never actually dived into a deep revision like this one, so it's been...real, I have to say. 

Here are the stats for this week. 

07/16/16 - 07/22/16

07/16/16: 5 pomodoros
07/17/16: 2 pomodoros
07/18/16: 3 pomodoros
07/19/16: 5 pomodoros
07/20/16: 2 pomodoros
07/21/16: 1 pomodoro
07/22/16: 2 pomodoros

Words written: 12,382

#WriteChain: 23 days

Just keep writing! See you all next week to see if I'm close to meeting the deadline or not!

Write Daily Progress Notes: Weekly Update

I honestly can't believe that a whole week has flown by. I knew going into it that my week will not be as productive because husband works days this week so I don't have that many evenings free to work on the story. But it's still a little disappointing to see the numbers. However, in the grand scheme of things, I still met my goal of writing at least 1 pomodoro a day. This is why writing with word count goals does not work for me! 


Stats for this week are as follows: 

7/9/16 - 7/15/16

7/9: 3 pomodoros
7/10: 4 pomodoros
7/11: 2 pomodoros
7/12: 2 pomodoros
7/13: 1 pomodoro (worked on my synopsis)
7/14: 2 pomodoros
7/15: 4 pomodoros

Completed roughly 2 chapters. I struggled a lot with a particular scene, so I spent one day working on my synopsis and query and figuring out where exactly the story is going. Resolved that, wrote the seance scene, so now it's full steam ahead towards the next part of the story. 

Total word count right now is around 26,500 words, I'm at about 30% of the story revised, so I know there definitely needs to be some trimming of the fat in the first part of the story already. 

My original goal was to revise the story enough so I can submit it to Pitch Wars on Aug 3, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen. Most of my blog posts are on hold until I can power through until the end of the month to see if Pitch Wars will be a possibility. I will still post my weekly updates to hold myself accountable! 

#WordChain: 15 days