Write Daily started as a personal challenge to myself

I work as an occupational therapist with people living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. I'm also the mother to my young daughter. I started asking myself in the beginning of 2016: How can I motivate my clients to achieve their goals if I can't encourage myself to do the same? I also want to encourage my daughter to follow her dreams, and I don't want to become an example of regret for not doing so. 

Why should you write every day?

I always thought that writing was something that I should work on in my spare time. Except as the days, weeks and years rolled by, I didn't seem to gain any more spare time. It seemed to be just out of reach. There was one more episode to watch, one more minute to spend scrolling on Facebook, another pending item that was more important in my life than writing. 

I realized it was time for a frame shift. If I don't make time to write, then how will it get done? If it's important to me, then I should start to make it happen. 


The three biggest reasons for writing daily (for me): 

To achieve a dream, a goal, a purpose. 
To tell the story that needs to be told. 




To build a writing habit.
Because change is hard. Because life gets in the way. Because it's easier to not do it. Because it's time to start.  


Practice makes you better. 
It takes time and effort to become good at something. One day at a time. It doesn't have to be a lot.  



My journey so far

it adds up

1 pomodoro / day
175 min / week
~11.6 hrs / month

Trial run

May 10 - June 14, 2016
50,165 words written
First draft completed

1 year

Unknown? This space will be updated with my progress.


Talk to me! Let me know your reasons for writing daily below.  

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