Building a Writing Momentum

So now you've been convinced to give writing daily a try. You've tried out some of the tips and you're on your way to making writing a daily habit. But how do you keep that momentum going? 

Let's break it down like all the parts before it. You can build a #WritingMomentum in 3 ways. These topics will be discussed on my blog in the upcoming months!


Learn from authors, writing coaches, agents, editors. Read and research topics on brainstorming, plot, voice, setting, etc. 

1. Education



Tell people about your dream. Find a supportive group of people who will cheer you on. Find writing buddies and critique partners who are honest and help you grow. 

2. Community



Draw inspiration from daily life. Use Pinterst, Tumblr, Twitter, and other resources to keep your ideas organized and keep your characters / settings / story fresh in your mind.

3. Inspiration